I first came upon this site looking for to find that special someone. I had tried numerous other sites with no luck. I drive truck and that really made it hard but it did give me a larger area for searching for someone.

I was about to end my subscription and thought I would look one last time at who was online. I looked thru and I found a wonderful gal by the name of Jodi Lynn who was online. I liked what she wrote on her profile and the picture of her sitting on the hood of the tractor was cute! I sent her a message hoping for a reply. I sure did! She took a chance on replying to my message even though I was 700 miles from where she lived. After a few emails we started talking over the phone. We met each other a couple months later.

We started seeing each other once a month several months and then I started coming stoping by with the truck on the way to and from the east coast. Eventually, I started spending my time off there with her.

Fall of 2010 we were out in the woods at her place checking trail cams since we both love hunting and the woods and I gave her the surprise of her life! I proposed to her right there in the woods, her favorite place! She said yes!

We moved in together this winter and are currently planning our wedding this October of 2011, in the woods!