My grandmother passed away May 23rd, 2009. That summer I "asked" grandma find someone who I can love and would love me equally in return. In August, something made me try farmersonly. I had no intention of trying the dating scene again, though. I guess I clicked on Alan as he sent me a message the next day. We emailed, we talked, and after some convincing from Alan, we met. We went out for a second date the next night! Our wedding is October 2010!


I was told about your website by my brother-in-law.  About a week after I posted my profile I recieved a flirt from Tim. We had an immediate connection since we had so much in common. We met on your website on Dec 15 2005. Tim & I were married on Oct 2, 2010. We have you to thank for bringing us together. We would never have met without your website. We lived 6 hours apart. The four and a half years of were dating with the lond drive, but Tim is such I wonderful man. We are truly happy & in love. Thank you!


My husband Darin and I met on your site last January and wed June 4th 2010. We have been happily married and living on our farm in IL. Ever since.
Thank you for providing a forum for single outdoor enthusiasts.


My wife Elise and I started talking online in Feb of 2009.Just small talk and about schooling. Then we decided to Exchange phone numbers. We talked on the phone and decided to meet. We met a Perkins in Oshkosh for the first time. I new there was something special about this women. Ever since then we talked just about every day. Our relationship grew and so did our love. Her family didnt like me at first but we stuck threw it and now they do. My family dosnt like her and never realy will. We got married June 24 2010. A very Happy day for both of us. We have over come many trials and obstacles that have tried to tear us apart. But our love has only gotten stronger. We like to say we have been to hell and back. Every day I am thankful for the women in my arms!! Thank you so much!


I had joined because I was looking for a man who enjoyed doing things outside. I thought a farmer would be perfect. After a couple of months I ran across Reed\'s profile. I clicked on it, but I lost my internet connection. I tried to find his profile again, but I didn't have any luck. The next day he messaged me. We talked online for a couple of weeks. We then started talking on the phone. We met in person on July 14, 2007. We had a long distance relationship for 3 years. Last year I finally found a job where he lives, so we decided I should move. We got engaged this January. I was right, a farmer was what I was looking for!


Actually, we are already married. We met on here and had our first date, Feb. 13 2007. We were married Feb. 13, 2010. We are so happy that you have this website, we would of never found each other if it wasn't for you! We are registered jersey dairy farmers and love this lifestyle. Thanks again!

-Andy and Rita