Great experience

I met the love of my life here. It was like looking through a catalog and picking the perfect lady! Yes, you have to sort through a few people but if you're persistent, you'll find the one.


My 69-year-old dad lives in rural Oklahoma and has been divorced from my mother for over 30 years. In late 2013, I saw a commercial for FarmersOnly at home in Austin, TX, and told my dad about it.

Unbeknownst to me, he created a FarmersOnly account and after a couple months, he met a lovely woman with her own farm just 10 miles away!

I haven't seen him this happy in years! He never thought he'd find a woman who liked to get her hands dirty on the farm and had a similar sense of humor, especially at his age, and here he's found one clearly cut from the same cloth.

He proposed after Thanksgiving and they plan to have a small, intimate wedding in the coming months!

Thought I'd share this lovely story of genuine connection.



I want to say thank you to FarmersOnly, I have found the right one, we both were looking for that special someone, and found each other right here. I will be moving to join him, he is outstanding in every way. I never thought a guy like him would come into my life. I feel very blessed, and I thank for being here. We have so much in common. I have never been more happy. Thank you. -Rose

Brady and I met on your site. It was an instant connection and 9 months later we are still together and planning our marriage. Brady has 2 boys and is 37 and I have 3 children and I'm 36. He is a diesel mechanic that is self employed and I'm a operating room nurse that loves my family and horses. Thank FarmersOnly for helping us find each other, we couldn't be happier!!!!
-Brady & Reinah

"I am thrilled to let you know that I have met my life mate on farmers only. We met April 24th,2014. She is from New Brunswick and I am from Ontario which is over 1000 km apart. Regardless of the distance we quickly formed a loving relationship and were married on September 27th,2014. Thank-you Farmers Only. We would not have met without your dating site." -Murray and Andrea

I met the love of my life on FarmersOnly. It's almost been 7 months we have everything in common. We both love country music, fishing, and hunting. We both are country folks and love camping. In a year in a half we will be getting married. I couldn't ask for anyone better. He treats me like an angel and is always there for me. He's my best friend and soul mate all in one. We are in love. I found my redneck romeo, my dream is fulfilled and I can't wait to start a family with him. Thank you! -Emily

Met the Girl of My Dreams

I am very pleased with the results I received using FarmersOnly. My wife had left me and wanted a divorce, I lost our house in the city to her and was forced to move to our ranch. Over the past two years I have had no luck meeting women. I have reviewed and joined a few dating site and found they were misleading and many had people trying to scam men.
One evening a friend suggested I check out FarmersOnly, he had heard good things about the site so I did. I spent a few nights reviewing potential partners. I must have read over 100 profiles starting close to home and moving out. A couple interested me but one stuck out and then she seemed to disappear for a day and reappeared with a new profile. I finally got the nerve to email her and told her what I wanted in woman and thought after reading her profile she was what I wanted. The problem is I am in Canada and she is in the USA.
The next day she sent me a flirt and then an email. We hit it off first emailing, then texting and finally talking on the phone. Then we agreed to meet in Montana for a weekend and by the end of the week had agreed to make a long term commitment to each other. We are both family oriented and it is working out great.
I thought FarmersOnly would lead me to a girl with values similar to mine and it did. I am very pleased.
Thank you!
Alberta, Canada