So over a year ago I met the most perfect person in the world. We met on FarmersOnly and it started out as a friendship. I sent her a message asking her if she wanted to hang out sometime because she lived so close to me. After a week of sending msg's back and forth we met up and took a little drive and just talked. Got to know one other and when I dropped her off I gave her a small kiss and felt the butterflies. I was hooked, I had to see her again. We saw each other almost every day and built a strong relationship. I quickly fell in love with her and she moved right in. Over a year of perfect nights, mornings and every min in between I went out and bought a little ring and dropped to one knee. Her eyes teared and I saw she couldn't wait to say yes, when she said "of course" I stood up and wrapped my arms around her knowing I finally found my better half. We're now getting married Sept 26, 2015 and we're expecting our baby boy to come November 13th. I really feel that if it wasn't for FarmersOnly we would never of met and I would still be in search for her. We never fight and never want to spend a moment away from each other. I can not thank you enough for helping me complete my life.

-Dave from Copper Mountain, CO