Happy news to report!

My now wife and I met on Farmer'sOnly in March of last year. We got married on July 2 this year and we are now expecting a son who will be due in December.
Errick B.

I wouldn't have my soulmate today if it wasn't for this site.

My husband and I met on FarmersOnly. I liked one of his pictures and he started messaging me.
We messaged for about 4 days until I came down to meet him. He had just gotten off the tractor and it was unreal that I was actually meeting an amazing, hard working man.
Today we have been together over 3 years and married now for a year. I wouldn't have my soulmate today if it wasn't for this site.
The T's
America, OK

After many trips of fishing, hunting and 4 wheeler adventures I knew this was the one!

Well where do I start? I had made a profile on FarmersOnly because a coworker had mentioned it to me after numerous failed relationships. I was on there a few days and had started talking to a couple people. One of them I had no idea would be my future husband lol. He was from Drumright nonetheless!
We started talking the middle of June and our first date was July 3rd of 2015. We went to see a local fireworks show. We hit it off pretty good that night. After many trips of fishing, hunting and 4 wheeler adventures I knew this was the one. We just got married August 6th of 2016. And couldn't be happier. And we are expecting our first child in January! Thank you Farmersonly for helping us find
each other!!
Holly C.
Broken Arrow, OK

On March 7th 2008 I started dating the man of my dreams. Fast forward 8 years, we are happily married!

A friend and I went to the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville a couple weeks before my husband and I met. There was a booth there called FarmersOnly.com passing out brochures with a free 3 day trial code on them. She laughed and told me I should try it. I hesitated but picked up a brochure any way. We came home from the show and I couldn't decide whether or not to try this online dating thing. About 2 weeks later I bit the bullet and set up a profile.
That first night I met a guy from Iowa and started chatting with him. He seemed great but just too far away! This KY girl needed someone in Wildcat country! Lol I found a guy from a town about an hour from where I live and sent him a flirty message. He replied and we started chatting about truck pulls and farming. He seemed perfect!
I wanted to keep my options open so I searched for more guys in my area. It was my third and final night of the trial when I ran across a profile of a guy from the same town as the guy I had messaged two nights before. I was taken in by his piercing blue eyes and sent him a message with my phone number since I was on my last night of the trial. Almost instantly he messaged me back and asked for permission to call me. I was so excited! He told me he would call me when he got back from work that week as his job kept him away from home for weeks at a time. I was skeptical and thought he was just being nice and u would never hear from him. Well, to my surprise about 4 days later the phone rang! It was him.
That first conversation lasted about 4 hours! After a week of phone conversations lasting over two or three hours every single time, we decided to meet in person. I was working in an electronics store almost exactly between our two towns we lived in and decided he could meet me there. I was scared so a public place seemed perfect. He agreed that was best and made the 30 minute drive a couple of nights later. I remember looking out the window and seeing a red flat bed Dodge pull in to the parking lot and started getting sick. It was him!! Lol I was scared to look at him as he walked in the store so I turned my back! He said my name and I turned around and literally got the love at first sight feeling! We talked until the store closed and my boss locked us in the store! I felt so safe with him and invited him to my house that very night! I was living with my dad and told him my family was all at home and he didn't have to come if he was uncomfortable. He told me he was fine and followed me home where he met my dad, stepmom and two sisters!
What kind of man would meet the family before the first official date?! We left my house and drove to a nearby park for some privacy and talked all night long. We each liked what was being said and decided to get together again in a couple of nights. After a week or so of meeting up and talking to one another, we decided to make it official. On March 7th 2008 I started dating the man of my dreams. Fast forward 8 years, we are happily married and living in the house I grew up in. He still has those piercing blue eyes and I still love him as much as I did when we first said those words to each other!
Ashley F. - Mount Sterling, KY

He proposed to me in April 2015 and we wed on June 4, 2016.

Joshua and I met online in late winter pre spring of 2013 we sent emails and then eventually started texting and calling each other in June of 2013 we decided we needed to meet one another. Him being from Michigan and I am from Wisconsin we agreed to both start driving and meet someplace in Illinois. Talk about the longest driver ever and he called told me where he was and I said I had just seen a sign I am 20 miles away.

We spent that weekend together and things were pretty much like we had known each other for a long time. Sunday came around and we both got into our trucks and headed our own ways. I'll never forget him texting me shortly on our way home and I knew it wouldn't be long before I seen him again.

Three weeks later he made a trip out to Wisconsin and spent a few days here we then used the Ferry between Michigan and WI our main travel source picking one another up on the other side. He decided he was ready to move out here without me really knowing he had planned this in August of 2013. We lived separate for a couple of months until he became a fixture in my home and hunting stand that fall and decided to move in. He proposed to me in April 2015 and we wed on June 4th 2016.

Amanda Z. - Montello, WI

Now coming in November 2016, we are expecting our first baby!

In March 2014, we sent our first messages back & forth with the FarmersOnly.com app. Within a week we had a first date and it was the coolest 5 hours. Every text, call, & date was very easy. A few months later we used the "L" word.
Even with a 90 miles/1.5 hr drive we saw each other every weekend and only missed a few weekends. Christmas 2015, Danny asked me to marry him & of course I said yes!!!!
Mid-June I left my job of 11.5 yrs to move to be with my soon-to-be husband. July 4, 2015, we got married on his family farm with 130+ of our family and closest friends. Now coming in November 2016, we are expecting our first baby!
Michelle M. - Marysville, OH

What I Have Learned Being A Farmer's Wife

When I first married my farmer I don't think I ever fully realized how the past I had before him would be so helpful in my future with him.

I have always been involved in the Ag industry. It started with 4-H and showing horses and sheep and then moved on to FFA when I was in high school. And then everything just flowed naturally to college. It felt perfect for me to head to Purdue University and pursue a degree in Agricultural Education.

I was completely involved in everything I could be that involved agriculture. Then I met my farmer and moved to the farm. And I everything I had "learned" was now something I could apply every day. And for once I felt like my past, my present in education, and my future with my farmer came full circle.

And every day I find myself using all my skills and knowledge from my past to apply them to what is going on on our farm. But, there have also been quite a few things I have learned. Ok, may a whole lot of things.

1. Timing is everything. On our farm the livestock have to come first. And that is a concept I get, for sure. But, one thing I didn't really grasp right away was the timing of the crops. My hubby tells me stories of combining through the night to finish the last field before an early ice storm came in. And I have stayed in the grain cart until well past midnight to try and get as much done as possible before we were going to have a full day of rain. And sometimes the timing isn't perfect. Sometimes cattle get out right when you are walking out the door on your first date in a month.

2. Learn how to do it all, if you want it done soon. My husband and I always seem to have a list of projects that we want to do around the house. Well, ok, maybe my list is a lot longer than his. And since the farm pretty much gets all our time, you can probably get that our home projects are always done last. Luckily, I have a degree in Agricultural Education, which means I took a lot of classes in relation to agriculture. And shop classes, mechanics, electricity, and welding, are all classes that I have taken and being able to have that knowledge is pretty handy. So having the knowledge of power tools is super helpful, especially when I am dying to build and hang shelves downstairs in our basement.

3. Dinner or lunch will rarely ever happen on time. So, be prepared to reheat or keep warm.

4. Dinner will also almost always be requested to be in the field about ten minutes before the noon hour and you have already laid out spaghetti on the table. So, having a back up in the freezer is ideal. Hamburgers work great.

Delivering lunch to the field.

5. When you are asked to help for just a little bit be sure to pack a bag. With water, a snack, toddler toys, bottles, sippy cups, diapers, wipes, and pretty much anything else you can think of that you might need for at least half a day. I can't tell you how many times I have been asked to help for a little bit, only to end up being at the farm the rest of the day and night. Which is fine if it's just me. But, when you add a little one in the mix you always have to have a bag ready.

6. During harvest or planting pretty much plan on doing it all. Sometimes I already feel like I do it all around our house. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard work, maintenance, painting, small repairs, but during the fall and the spring it's pretty much essential to know you are on your own. And that means wrangling your child everywhere you need to be. When Ellie was a baby I took her to a few different Ag related events that I needed to be at. She has sat quietly sleeping in her car seat during business meetings I have had or conference calls. It's imperative to be prepared for those seasons!

Having a meeting at South Dakota Soybean with my crawler.

I have learned so much being a farmer's wife. But, more than that I feel like I have truly contributed. I have good ideas and I really value that my hubby listens to my ideas and respects them. And even more importantly, I have learned that as a farmer's wife I am always, always learning. Every day is a new adventure and I learn something new about our farm and why we do things a certain way nearly every week.

My advice to any future farm wives...Always keep learning and always keep asking questions!

Are You Easy To Love?

I don’t know about you, but I chose to enter and continue the relationship with my farmer because I loved him. He loved me. I felt cherished by him. And I loved being with him and loved our relationship and how he made me feel. And he made me feel like I was the only woman he would ever look at again (He still does, by the way!). 

One thing that I find myself asking as the years go by is whether or not I am easy to love. After being together nearly six years and married five of those years it’s safe to say that the “newlywed bliss” has kind of worn off. And those little nuances that sometimes seem cute in the beginning aren’t so cute anymore. They are more annoying. Being home with a 2 year old that is going through a very interesting stage, to say the least, it’s hard to not be crabby when my hubby comes home from the farm. 

The Bible says to love with action and truth. And that is something that I take very seriously in our marriage. I try to love with action every single day. 

If you are looking for ways to love with action here are a few you might find helpful. I have these exacts verses written down in my Bible so that if I am ever struggling in our marriage or ever feeling disconnected from my husband I can reference these verses and remember these sayings to guide me. 

These are ten simple ways to love with action and truth. And before you know it you may find yourself easy to love. 

Trust In A Relationship

Trust to me is one of the biggest parts of a relationship. And being married to a farmer that is gone a lot means that trust is pretty vital to the relationship. 

Trust is something to establish early on in your relationship. I am guessing many of you have experienced hurt before. Or at least when my hubby and I first started dating we both had. We had both been hurt in the past in situations where trust had been broken. So, needless to say that was one of the first conversations we had. 
Trust and honesty go hand in hand. The first time a lie is shared, even if it’s a small one you knock away a little bit of that trust. Have you ever had anyone in your life that you have caught time and time again being dishonest? Eventually, you stop believing them. You stop trusting them. You find them unreliable and most likely will choose to move on. 
It takes time to build trust, sometimes years, but only suspicion to break it down. 
Sometimes I feel like as a farm wife I get asked a lot about how I feel about my farmer hubby being gone all the time. In any other situation where a husband works long hours every day of the week and for months at a time is at work more than he is at home, things could seem a bit off. Well, maybe a lot off. 
But, one thing I am sure of is the trust in our relationship. I trust my husband because of the relationship we built before we were married. And I know we are honest with one another. Before we were married I saw him work on the farm through every season. There is no doubt in my mind I know where he is at midnight on a perfect starry October night...In a field trying to keep his eyes open. 
But trust isn’t just about monogamy. It’s also about trusting someone to care for you as you care for them. You are entrusting them with your heart, your feelings, your desires. And you are trusting that they always will have your back and will always be by your side. 
Being married or dating a farmer can sometimes be a bit daunting and if you don't come from a farming background it can be really hard to learn to trust your farmer. 
As Ernest Hemingway said “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”
And finding yourself in a relationship with a farmer and establishing that trust together is amazing. And although farmers may work long hours and be gone for what seems like forever. They are also the person you can trust to be your support, even if they aren't physically there all the time. I know my farmer in only a phone call away and when I feel like I could use some of his support I call him up and we chat for awhile. 
Remember Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, but trusting them not to. 

Acts Of Service

In case you missed the other posts about The Five Languages make sure you check each one out and make sure you take some time to see what your love language is too! 

Quality Time

I sometimes wonder if every Farmer’s love language is Acts Of Service. When I am helping my husband fix a tractor, fence out a field, or even clean up a shed I feel like he is sometimes at his happiest. And I kind of wonder if my brother in laws are the same way…

Needless to say the guys on our farm love having their wives around to help. With anything. Is your farmer like that? Quality time is spent on Acts of Service?!

If you think your farmer’s love language is Acts Of Service the best way to his heart is for you to show up to the farm with your work clothes on and simply ask “What can I do?” or “Where can I help?" Helping them do their farm chores and working along side them is going to show more love than buying them a new shirt in town. I only use that example because sometimes I do come home with things from town for my husband and he just doesn’t get as excited as I would like him to. But, after our daughter is down for her nap and I show up outside with my work clothes on ready to help him with whatever he is doing he gets pretty excited!

If your farmer’s love language is Acts Of Service you might hurt his feelings if you are willing to help out everywhere else and with everyone else and not with him or her on the farm.  I know when I spend a lot of time volunteering within the Ag industry or am gone at conferences or speaking engagements my husband gets a bit anxious for me to get home and come back to the farm. 

Before our daughter came along I showed up in my work clothes a lot asking "What can I do?". Now those times have changed a bit. Those times don't happen nearly as much, and they rarely happen with me being alone. These days I get myself and our daughter dressed in our work clothes and show up and say "What can we do?". Even if it is something as simple as picking rock or helping him put a part on in the field I would say my farmer appreciates it. 

Receiving Gifts

This could potentially be everyone's favorite Love Language. We have already covered Words Of Affirmation, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. But, who doesn't love anything to do with gifts?!

I know I love gifts, but it isn't just what I need to maintain our relationship.

If your love language is Receiving Gifts it's safe to say you love getting gifts and you do not forget special occasions.

Anniversaries..Birthdays..these are days you won't forget. And you expect your loved ones to remember them too!

You might appreciate when your farmer heads to town and brings you home something a little special. Whether it's a milkshake or a movie, it's a little something to show you how much they care.

These pictures are my husband and I both trying to be sneaky trying to take photos of things that we know would be perfect gifts for each other. However, we both seem to forget that now with us both having iPhones we can see eachother's pictures!

Now, I have went to town and brought my husband things. Like his favorite candy, a new work shirt, new socks even, and I don't get much of a reaction. I get a thank you and a smile. Now, when Christmas rolls around I always get him one gift that I know he really, really wants. It's normally a big one and most likely an expensive tool. I spend all year listening to him and saving money without him knowing so I can buy him whatever it is he has talked about the most. When he opens that gift on Christmas he normally gets really excited. The first year we were married and I bought him a DeWault Miter Saw I thought he was going to die of shock.

He might forget that I do have a degree in Agricultural Education and I do have to teach shop, so I do know my tools...but I also know my man and am real good at observing him in stores and jotting down various notes later that night in my prayer journal (so I know he won't accidentally see them!).

If your significant other loves receiving gifts, forgetting your anniversary will break their heart. Even if it's something as simple as pulling a few wildflowers on your way into the house from a long day in the field. They will love it. My husband brings me rocks. Because he knows I think they are neat and I despise planting flowers around our landscape only to have our two dogs destroy it. So, when he digs up rocks in a field he keep a pile somewhere and when we have a spare moment he drives me by the pile and asks if there are any I would like.

Even the smallest, most inexpensive gifts are still gifts. Still thoughtful and still require an act of love.  

Quality Time

In case you missed the first part of this series of The Five Love Languages make sure you see it here.

I am on a journey of re reading the book and also finding more ways to apply the principles in my every day life.

I seem to have tied in my love languages when I took the test. I tied with Words Of Affirmation and also Quality Time.

I can see this... as I love spending time with my husband. Love. Love. Love. It doesn't matter what we are doing, working in the cattle yards or cuddling on the couch. I just love hanging out with him. He really is one of my closest friends.

Spending a Sunday afternoon working in my calving shed putting up a new working chute. 

Quality Time is something we all appreciate, some more than others. Long car trips are things we really look forward to. Well, I do anyway.

It might mean having a buddy to run errands with during the week, sitting at home just hanging out and talking, long walks at dusk. These are all things you might appreciate if your love language is Quality Time.

Family Quality Time feeding the cows

Some things you may not like...being alone for long periods of time. I know I hate it. I always look forward to trips back home to visit my family or Ag conferences. But, it takes about two days in and I am already missing my farmer.

Hanging out in a group may get old. For me, this really doesn't apply too much I think. I love hanging out with our friends and I rarely turn down a chance to hang out with them! Especially now that we all have children, we never want to pass up that adult time!

When my husband and I first started dating all I did was sit in the tractor and ride around with him. Oh, how I miss those simple times! Now to spend some quality time it means hauling our two year old and at least one bag of toys and another of snacks!

If your special someone loves riding around in the tractor with you all day, conversation or no conversation, their love language might be Quality Time. So, cater to it! Enjoy just being their friend. And hanging out. Being together.

Here's to cuddling and long days in the tractor!

Words Of Affirmation

It has been a rough winter in our house this year. It seems we have gotten sick and gotten better, only to get sick again. 

We have both spent a good chunk of our time being sick. Which means for me lots of reading, relaxing, and taking care of my sick little munchkin. We have had lots of cuddle time which means the chance for me to pick up my favorite books and get a nice refresher. In the Five Love Languages to be exact. 
If you don't own a copy of the book or have never read it, I highly suggest it for any relationship! I know it has certainly helped me understand my farmer a little bit better!
Words of Affirmation. That is the first love language I want to talk about. It just so happens to be my love language. Well, one of my love languages. I am actually tied with Quality Time.  
One thing I love about my husband is he loves to shower me in compliments, most of the time. Even if it's something I do on the farm without him asking me, or something around the house. I also love when he encourages me. When he tells me I am doing a great job while running the grain cart or that the paint in our basement looks nice (even when I don't think it does!). 
One thing that I take pretty rough is when someone I am close with lashes out or says something harsh out of anger or simply having a bad day. It really hurts me and it's sometimes hard for me to forgive right away. 
My hubby really caters to my love language. Even without knowing it sometimes. He never, and I do mean never, forgets a special occasion. And every special occasion he writes me a very special letter or card with sweet words just for me. 
Makes my heart melt every single time! 
Finding your significant other's love language can really help you both when it comes to finding just the right way to say "I love you". 
To find your love language go to their website. I would love to hear what you think about the test! 
And I am looking forward to talking about the other love languages in the next few weeks. Next up...Quality Time. 

Finding Someone Who Completes You

If you haven't heard the phrase "you complete me" used once or twice I feel like you must be living without technology..And since you are on this blog I am guessing that is also not likely!

I remember growing up and having high school romances and my friends and I over-using the phrase "he completes me".

If you do a quick google search you will find music, images, poems, magazine articles, and let's not forget the infamous line being use in the movie starring Tom Cruise, Jerry Maguire.

I think once I got into college and really started thinking about where I wanted to be in my future, and more importantly who I wanted to share my future with, my thoughts slowly changed.

When I think of completion I think of a finished product. I think of being whole. I think of Jerry Maquire.

I then think of my marriage. I never want my marriage to be completely finished. I always want to be changing, evolving, growing.

I don't think I want someone to "complete" who I am as a person. I think of "you complete me" as in "I can't live without you because you complete me".

I may not want my husband to complete me. But, I do want him to compliment me. I want us to each have our strengths, our weaknesses, our own talents. And come together to strengthen one another. The yin and yang of life.

However, one could look at it like I was a complete person then I met my husband and now my life feels incomplete without him. Which is somewhat true.

I feel like I will never be complete, I will always be striving to be a better person, a loving wife, a great mother. I will change over time. My passions in life may change, my goals, my priorities. However, my life wouldn't be the same if I wasn't growing, changing, and evolving with my husband together.

I complete myself. And we compliment each other. I want to continue to grow and evolve as a person and I want to continue to grow and evolve in my relationship.

I think this is another favorite part of our marriage, my husband lets me grow and change as I need. And because of that we continue to strengthen our marriage every single day.