She met the man of her dreams

I met my gentleman from Randolph, Nebraska. A year from our first date, he asked me to marry him at the exact same place where we had first met each other. I never thought that I would have fallen in love with a man of my dreams off of a dating website. - Renae What towns/states are y'all from? I'm from Portsmouth, Iowa, and Derick is from Randolph, Nebraska.

What did you do one your first date? On first date we meet in Sioux City, Iowa at Golden Corral. The first date we sat and talked for the longest time and laughed. Something deep down in side of me told me that he was the one. I knew he was the one on our fourth date when he meet my parents and he bonded with my dad.

How did he ask you to marry him? The day he ask me to marry me we were at the same Golden Corral, sat at the same table, went out to his truck, we stood there and talked then he got down on one knee.

What is your favorite thing about him? My favorite thing about Derick is his kind, gentle heart, sense of humor,  and gives up anything to be there for me or says he does it for me. When I really knew he was the one is when he made jokes or teased me like my dad does.

Meet Bailey + Brenden = Marriage in Nebraska

Meet Bailey and Brenden, a match made in Nebraska on!


When we told people we met on, they're shocked. They're like, no, you've got to be kidding. People have seen that we were a success story, other people have tried it and other people have tried it. A few of our friends have started on now and I'm sure they'll find somebody.

We got married back in my hometown!

In January 2015 I met my new guy on and from there we have never left each others side. Being only an hour apart wasn't as bad then what we thought it was! I

Then in June 2015, we moved in together and on July 4, 2015, he proposed to me after checking fence at 5 AM! June 18, 2016, we got married back in my hometown in at my parents' homestead and partied all night long!

Bailey F. - McCook, Nebraska

Branding proposal

Last weekend my boyfriend proposed to me when we were branding. I was wrestling the calf down to brand, and everyone told me to look at the tag on the calf. I haven't checked any other tags, so was unsure why I had to check this one. Well, when I did the tag said, “Will you marry me?”, and as I looked up there he was holding the ring on his knee! By far he surprised me.

Thank you for uniting this country girl with her cowboy!