They just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary

I just wanted to share a success story. My husband and I met on farmers only. A friend suggested I sign up and a cousin of my husband signed him up without him knowing it. We were both involved in agriculture before and now we farm and ranch together in Missouri. We just celebrated our first year anniverary and everyone loves our story and can’t believe we met on this site! But its true! We found common interests together, found out we have common backgrounds, and are enjoying a great time of it! Just wanted to share! - Rachel. What towns/states are y'all from? Rachel's from Collinsville, Oklahoma, Paul's from Eldridge, Missouri.

What did you do on your first date? Went on a picnic, shot some guns, and talked for about 6 hours that day!

When did you know that he was the one? The first time I gave him a haircut before we were even engaged and I almost blurted out "I love you!"

How did he propose? Paul surprised me with a sunset dinner at my favorite spot on the farm, on the top of a prairie meadow hill in Afton, Oklahoma that has been in the family for several generations. He got down on one knee and I was in shock for the next 30 minutes before I said yes. (Obviously I was surprised.)

What is your favorite thing about each other? My favorite thing about Paul is that he is even-tempered, he doesn't get upset easily and takes things in stride, making us a great match. Paul's favorite thing about Rachel is her beautiful blue eyes.

Cattle, Race Cars, and Fishing...

Matt and I started messaging back and forth on Farmers Only in October 2012. After 5 months of talking and Skyping he drove to Indiana so we could meet for the first time. After doing the long distance relationship of Oklahoma to Indiana for 3 years we were married June 27, 2015. We have been happily married ever since. Thanks to FarmersOnly I found my perfect match. - Greta. What towns/states are y'all from? I am from Paoli, Indiana. He is from Newkirk, Oklahoma.

What did you do on your first date? I was in college and the University of Indianapolis for Matt's first trip to visit. On our first date we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner then went to a bar for drinks. He told me then that if I ever wanted to marry him I was going to have to learn how to 2 step. So that night, on the dance floor, I learned how to 2 step. Of course at the time he had no idea that wouldn't actually matter.

When did you know that they were the one? There wasn't just one moment for either of us when we knew. It was a lot of different moments that meshed into the moment of "I'm going to marry that guy." We enjoy a lot of the same things so a lot of those times played a role in us realizing the other person was our one. Matt has been drag racing for some time and it's something I enjoy doing with him, whether it's working in the shop on trucks and the car or traveling to a race. Fishing is also something that helped forge our love. Doing those little things together are our time without ranch work or cattle to interfere.

What is your favorite thing about them? Greta: There are a lot of things I love about Matt but the best part is that he allows me to be independent while always being there if I need him. Even though he lets me be independent he will stand up to me and be my reality check when I need it.

Matt: I guess one of my favorite things about Greta is her interest and enjoyment of racing. She's at almost every track night or race and is always there to support me good or bad.  She's always there to help with cattle or whatever else is going on.


I wouldn't have my soulmate today if it wasn't for this site.

My husband and I met on FarmersOnly. I liked one of his pictures and he started messaging me.
We messaged for about 4 days until I came down to meet him. He had just gotten off the tractor and it was unreal that I was actually meeting an amazing, hard working man.
Today we have been together over 3 years and married now for a year. I wouldn't have my soulmate today if it wasn't for this site.
The T's
America, OK

After many trips of fishing, hunting and 4 wheeler adventures I knew this was the one!

Well where do I start? I had made a profile on FarmersOnly because a coworker had mentioned it to me after numerous failed relationships. I was on there a few days and had started talking to a couple people. One of them I had no idea would be my future husband lol. He was from Drumright nonetheless!
We started talking the middle of June and our first date was July 3rd of 2015. We went to see a local fireworks show. We hit it off pretty good that night. After many trips of fishing, hunting and 4 wheeler adventures I knew this was the one. We just got married August 6th of 2016. And couldn't be happier. And we are expecting our first child in January! Thank you Farmersonly for helping us find
each other!!
Holly C.
Broken Arrow, OK

Thank you so much for helping me find my one true love.

I first talked to my husband on October 31, 2013. He had full faith in the "process" and I was very skeptical. We talked for 2 months and decided it was time to meet one another in person. We decided to meet half way, in Oklahoma City.
I had no idea that night would change my life forever. We continued to date one another, while he worked out on the road leading a very hectic schedule, sometimes only seeing each other every 8-10 weeks. In September 2015, Jordan moved to Oklahoma to be closer to me. 6 months later we were engaged.
Last Saturday, Jordan and I were FINALLY married after being together 996 days! You will be happy to know that he gave y'all a good plug DURING his marriage vows, followed by the preacher singing your slogan! Thank you so much for helping me find my one true love.
Carrisa H. - Deleware, Ok



Getting married 10 months to the day of meeting my wonderful friend and the man that makes my heart skip a beat!

-Joyce from Glencoe, OK