Success story

This is a fairytale success story due to the site of As her mother, I would like to share this lovely encounter my daughter experienced to change her life forever. She is 33 years old, single and never been married. Back in October 2014, after a recent breakup after a long relationship, she was very unhappy in the way her life was heading. I happened to be watching television one night and saw your advertising for, and it struck me right then that she must register with your site, because she's a country girl, who was raised on a farm, and loves the country life, and all the activities associated with this lifestyle. I quickly informed her she needed to register, and she was skeptical at first, but then signed up that day. No sooner that she did, she got a response from a young fellow from the Sarnia area. These two people are so compatible together, in every aspect.

They would have never met if it wasn't for Now they are engaged and getting married on August 21, 2016. As a mother, I'm so happy for them, and I have to thank you for, since this would have never been possible. A dream come true!

Essex, Ontario, Canada