We are true soul mates and we never would of found each other without FarmersOnly!!!!

We met on here January of 2013, it was an instant connection between the two of us, we talked on the phone for hours on end, we had so much in common you couldn't shut us up. Both of us were divorced with children, so we could completely relate on that aspect as well. After 10 days of hours of talking, we couldn't wait to meet in person.
So I traveled the 4 hours to Bryan's farm, and we spent 4 days together. And then the following weekend I brought my girls to meet his three kids, two girls and a boy, and we all just clicked!!! We knew we were meant to be, and we hated the long distance between us, so in April, my girls and I moved in. So finally in May of 2015 Bryan proposed to me and we just got married this May on the family farm with all of our 5 children standing at our side. Bryan and I are true soul mates and we never would of found each other without FarmersOnly!!!!
Samantha - Bear Lake, PA

Found Him

My fiancé and I met on FarmersOnly. I never thought we would click the way we did, but wanted to say thank you for providing this service/outlet for us to meet. We couldn't be happier together, and we are now planning our wedding. He's a super sweet Christian man. I never thought I would meet someone who cares as much about a relationship with God, and has the down home country feel. But thanks to your website, I did. I found the man who accepts my daughter and I as his own family. That's something that you can't find anymore these days. Thank you.
As a side note - I found that a lot of the candidates on FarmersOnly were much more down to earth and honest than other sites. I had very few issues with others being pushy or disrespectful.

Reading, PA,