A Path Of Thirteen Years...

Remember how many years it takes to get a GM seed to marker? 
If you don't get a refresher here. 
Now, check out this process of all the steps a GM seed must go through before making it to market!

GMO's: From The Lab To Our Field

As farmers and ranchers one thing that is quickly becoming a hot topic, as I have mentioned before, is genetically modified seeds. If your farmer grows GM seeds, then chances are at one time or another the topic will come up. I think this is a great info graphic from U.S. Farmers and Ranchers that shows a "Time to Market Comparison" of different products. 
One of the comments I hear often is that that people don't trust genetically modified seeds. I recently learned the amazing fact that in order for a new trait to even get approved it has to go through 13 years of testing and research. 13 years! Wow!
Check out this chart below, it may be surprising to see some of these...