My name is Stephanie and I met my soon to be husband on FarmersOnly! We have the most entertaining story of how we got to where we are! I moved to Nashville to be with him and we are getting married on Oct 10th!!! I was raised on a farm and lived on one when I joined. I joined because a commercial came on tv and my mom convinced me to do it. Michael joined on a dare, being a city boy with a country heart he agreed to take that dare!! we talked back and forth through the website , graduated to email and then he asked me to talk to him on he phone.. I instantly pulled back and waited 2 weeks until I sent him a text. Well the rest is history after that.. We had a great connection and continued to talk all day every day for months. Then we decided to meet in person, the week prior to him coming to see me , my uncle passed away. Michael decided to still come and be with me at the funeral. Pretty different first date.... But it didn't matter we enjoyed being with each other. The following night we went to a hockey game where he decided to eat the nachos...bad choice. Poor guy got food poisoning and was very very sick. I had to check him out of his hotel and take him to the farm where he slept for days. He finally worked up enough energy and could keep fluids down to drive back home. I went to see him the next weekend. We had already seen each other At our worst and our best! We couldn't wait to spend more time together and we did!!! So many things happened to get us where we are. But boy am I happy, he is my soul mate and we always say... You can put a price on love and it was 21.95! Thanks FarmersOnly:)
<3 DairyQueen86

-Stephanie from Concord, TN