Your website gave us a venue to create a foundation, based on communication.

Travis was the first guy that messaged me on this site. We've been together ever since. That was 8 months ago. I had been on several other popular sites, but never seemed to find the type of person I knew I wanted. I had been avoiding FarmersOnly because so many of my friends made jokes about it. When I finally sat down and decided what exactly I wanted in a man, I realized that FarmersOnly was where I was most likely to find him.

And find him I did! Literally, 5 miles down the road from me! So what made the difference you may ask? I truthfully believe it was the fact that your website is focused on down to earth country people. We were able to connect on the things we want in life: land, animals, a family. Though our chemistry has been totally undeniable the whole time we've been trying to take things slowly. 
Your website gave us a venue to create a foundation based on communication. I am convinced communication has helped us get where we are today. At this time, wie have agreed not to rush into the next step. We're just enjoying being in love and being together. But there's no doubt that next step is coming, and it's all because of FarmersOnly.
Amanda T, Slisbee TX

If it were not for FarmersOnly......

I met my husband on Farmer'sOnly in January of this year and just got married in September. We both have traveled through many trials and tribulations and this is second marriage for both of us.

We feel blessed and we have some angels upstairs watching out for us! Our union is amazing and if it
were not for FarmersOnly we wouldn't have connected. Thank You!!!!

Brit W.
Lockhart, Texas

Wedding Bells & Blessings in Austin, Texas!

Thank you so much for your wonderful website. I found Jay W. on your site in August 2015 and we are getting married November 12, 2016. We were made for each other and your website brought us together. We would have never met without you. God has truly blessed us - Dana R.- Texas

When my friends poke fun of it, I'll just smile knowing I have what they're looking for.

This just in from Alicia W. of Clifton, TX. Congrats!

I went into your site almost 3 years ago more as joke than looking for "the one". I lived in texas and one day after logging on I saw a guy had "viewed" my profile. I believe I specifically told my coworker he was "pretty" but lived in Colorado. After a few days of us viewing each other back and forth he messaged me! He explained how he thought it was odd that i had shown up in his suggeated matches because he had set his distance to only women within 100 miles of himself. Must have been our good lord working his magic. We quickly exchanged phone numbers and within 2 weeks of talking to each other I made the 16 hour drive to Colorado to meet him on the weekend before Halloween. We had a wonderful weekend together and in typical cowboy fashion after a day at a "punkin chunkin" and tractor pull we made our way to a bar where his grandmother worked as the bartender. (Coolest lady I've known) Her and I instantly hit it off while he played pool. A little slow dancing and we went back to where we were staying for the weekend. The next morning we woke up early and polished our weekend off with a day spent on the mountain looking for 2 pairs they had missed the weekend before. I left the next morning and expected it to not go much of anywhere. The distance was just too great. He moved in with me on November 1, 2013. We had a very fast courtship and had a lot of fun together being a young new couple. On February 7th 2014 we said our vows in front of a few close friends and family in a court house in texas and exactly 2 weeks later found out we were expecting our first child. In september 2014 we welcomed our son and in september 2016 we will celebrate the birth of our second child, a daughter, and shortly after in Feb 2017 we will celebrate 3 years of marriage. He may drive me crazy some days, but I'll forever be thankful when I hear that funny jingle on the TV. And when my friends poke fun of it ill just smile knowing i have what theyre looking for. Because without it, I would have never met my soulmate.



Dear FarmersOnly, On July 27, 2015, I signed up with your website. I was not going to do any online dating but a voice telling me to sign up anyway kept running through my head. So I did and was at first not so sure it was the right thing for me. Therefore I did not search but just let the messages come in, occasionally checking them. There was an overwhelming response. Most I did not care for, but then, about 2 weeks into my membership James contacted me. I had to read between the lines but his profile and honest photos peeked my interest. We got on the phone, talked for hours for about 3 days, and then he surprised me by meeting up with me, putting me on the spot so we could get that out of the way. I knew from the minute we started talking he was THE ONE. He perfectly matches in every way the wish list I had published on Facebook earlier this year to ask the Lord to find my man and He brought him to me! He put that thought in my head, I signed up, and along came James who also had recently joined. It was all too coincidental and I know God was in control. We decided that first week we would exclusively date and work towards marriage. So we are now a couple, we are so very happy together. We laugh all the time, we support each other, do all kinds of activities together, and it's like we have known each other all our lives. It took many years but my Texas cowboy rode in. I would never have met him if it weren't for your site. I signed off meanwhile so my account closed but I wanted to share my story. I have a nice picture of us from last week at the Garth Brooks concert in Dallas and would be happy to share it. Thanks again! Sincerely, Anneke

-Anneke from Texas 



I met an amazing man on FarmersOnly on February 1st, 2015. Despite being 90 minutes apart and each being single parents, we talked endlessly for 2 weeks by the time we met face to face on valentine's day. I was so sure he was the man I'd always wanted and was meant to be with, even before being in his arms, I deleted my profile after only a couple of weeks on the site. We moved quickly and knew it was right. My son and I came to live with Chad and his daughter in Brenham from Austin. Since April 6th, 2014, we've been a happily blended family. We recently got married this past Friday on August 21st and couldn't be happier. When I tell people that we met on FarmersOnly, they don't believe it. They want a love and fun relationship like ours yet are quick to be hesitant or poke fun at how we met but we know we have FarmersOnly to thank for what we have together.

-Kayla from Austin, TX