They had a John Deere wedding!

I met my husband, Dave, on FarmersOnly and it was love at first sight! We we're married in September 2017 on our farm in Pennsylvania. - Chrissy. Where are y'all from? I was from Appomattox, Virginia, and he lived in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

What did you do on your first date? For our first date, we both drove halfway and met in Stephens City, Virginia. After meeting, we instantly were attracted to each other. He farmed land near where we met so we rode around to look at his cornfields.

What is your favorite thing about each other? We have everything in common. We are both very country and not scared to get our hands dirty. He's definitely my soulmate. We hunt, fish, and farm together.

What was your wedding like? We were married in an outdoor ceremony on our Gettysburg farm in September, 2017, surrounded by family and friend on a gorgeous, sunny evening. We incorporated tractors, combines, and corn into our theme. Our ring bearers wore John Deere hats. We even had the FarmersOnly song played at our reception.


If it were not for FarmersOnly......

I met my husband on Farmer'sOnly in January of this year and just got married in September. We both have traveled through many trials and tribulations and this is second marriage for both of us.

We feel blessed and we have some angels upstairs watching out for us! Our union is amazing and if it
were not for FarmersOnly we wouldn't have connected. Thank You!!!!

Brit W.
Lockhart, Texas

I met the love of my life on FarmersOnly!

I met the love of my life on FarmersOnly in March of 2015.
We talked for a few weeks before deciding to meet. Once we met we were inseparable.
We were married on January 30 ,2016. I just want to thank farmer's only for helping me find my husband, and best friend.
I would highly recommend this dating site!
Heidi V.

I still look at him and think how did I get so lucky?

My husband, Jared and I met on Farmers Only after my friends decided to sign me up for Farmers Only. I started talking to this so called farmer...
We talked and talked and I asked him a bunch of questions about his farm to make sure he was an actual farmer. He passed with flying colors. The first time we meet we talked past midnight and just connected.
We saw each other every weekend from there on out with Jared in Northern Iowa and myself in Southern Minnesota.
A year later he asked me to marry him on September 5, 2014. July 11, 2015 we got married and July 21, 2016 welcomed our daughter into this world!
I still look at Jared and think how did I get so lucky? We like the same things... weather it be riding in the combine, hauling manure, washing calves, pushing up feed, weaning pigs or traveling to the National Western Livestock Show. We love being together sharing something we both love to do, farm. We can't wait to raise our daughter to be a farmgirl in hopes that she too will share our love for our animals and our land.
I am so thankful for Farmers Only!
Sara P. 

It's love!

We met through FarmersOnly 8 months ago and are getting married September 30, 2016.

Deborah W.

A Success Story...

You need to know about a success story from your company for your next commercial!
These two beautiful people met on Farmer's Only about 3 years ago, and today they have been married 2 years and have a gorgeous, smiley baby boy who is almost a year old.
Jeff and Katie are very photogenic, and love each other and the rural life.
Thank you!
Katie C.

People can't believe that's how we met...

From Melissa G. in GA:

I have, met this wonderful and amazing guy on farmers only 1 year 7 months ago and we are getting married now on November 5, 2016... Best money I've spent to find the love of my life, tried every other online dating site for 7 yrs and gave up and then a friend of mine told me to get on farmers only and i said no, im done with online dating sites, i had gave up trying to find a really good guy who was tired of the games and drama, so i finally sign up, met 2 others on this site but they wasnt for me. then i seen jason (my fiancee) profile and loved it and sent him a flirt and he responded back, was his first time ever on a dating site after being married for 24 yrs...We both are just alike and we are like 2 peas in a pod, we have so much in common, it aint funny.. But we suggest to everyone to get on this site... So we both owe it all to Farmersonly for finding our true soul mate and the love of our lives.. Ppl cant believe thats how we met and he is a true farmer...

Thank you so much for helping me find my one true love.

I first talked to my husband on October 31, 2013. He had full faith in the "process" and I was very skeptical. We talked for 2 months and decided it was time to meet one another in person. We decided to meet half way, in Oklahoma City.
I had no idea that night would change my life forever. We continued to date one another, while he worked out on the road leading a very hectic schedule, sometimes only seeing each other every 8-10 weeks. In September 2015, Jordan moved to Oklahoma to be closer to me. 6 months later we were engaged.
Last Saturday, Jordan and I were FINALLY married after being together 996 days! You will be happy to know that he gave y'all a good plug DURING his marriage vows, followed by the preacher singing your slogan! Thank you so much for helping me find my one true love.
Carrisa H. - Deleware, Ok

We are true soul mates and we never would of found each other without FarmersOnly!!!!

We met on here January of 2013, it was an instant connection between the two of us, we talked on the phone for hours on end, we had so much in common you couldn't shut us up. Both of us were divorced with children, so we could completely relate on that aspect as well. After 10 days of hours of talking, we couldn't wait to meet in person.
So I traveled the 4 hours to Bryan's farm, and we spent 4 days together. And then the following weekend I brought my girls to meet his three kids, two girls and a boy, and we all just clicked!!! We knew we were meant to be, and we hated the long distance between us, so in April, my girls and I moved in. So finally in May of 2015 Bryan proposed to me and we just got married this May on the family farm with all of our 5 children standing at our side. Bryan and I are true soul mates and we never would of found each other without FarmersOnly!!!!
Samantha - Bear Lake, PA

We got married back in my hometown!

In January 2015 I met my new guy on and from there we have never left each others side. Being only an hour apart wasn't as bad then what we thought it was! I

Then in June 2015, we moved in together and on July 4, 2015, he proposed to me after checking fence at 5 AM! June 18, 2016, we got married back in my hometown in at my parents' homestead and partied all night long!

Bailey F. - McCook, Nebraska

We met on your website and it was perfect!

Check out this story plus the links below from Jessa of Louisiana:

We met on your website and it was perfect! Our first in person date was July 4th 2015. He has two kids and now we are one happy family with his kids and my 2 dogs and horses!! I also have a video of the proposal at my rodeo if you want it! ( Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet each other! Please click to vote and then share!! This would mean soooo much to us! Let's make this go viral!

Larry & Janine's FarmersOnly Love Story

This success story just wouldn't be believable on any other website! :)
We just wanted to let FarmersOnly know that love can be found online thru FarmersOnly.  Janine & I met back in March of this year 2016, and have been going great guns ever since.  In fact we are planning a October Wedding down in Tombstone during Helldorado Days on the 22nd.  I'm a gunslinger there doing reenactments and having fun with the Tourist's, I proposed to Janine in May during Wyatt Earp Days in Tombstone, so why not get married at the same town, in which it's known of a town to tough to die, lol.  We are a perfect match in every way, beings we live the Western way of life and we are both Dancers.  In which we'll be teaching dance in the Payson, AZ area soon also. So thank you for your website for putting us together! - Larry D. & Janine N.

When my friends poke fun of it, I'll just smile knowing I have what they're looking for.

This just in from Alicia W. of Clifton, TX. Congrats!

I went into your site almost 3 years ago more as joke than looking for "the one". I lived in texas and one day after logging on I saw a guy had "viewed" my profile. I believe I specifically told my coworker he was "pretty" but lived in Colorado. After a few days of us viewing each other back and forth he messaged me! He explained how he thought it was odd that i had shown up in his suggeated matches because he had set his distance to only women within 100 miles of himself. Must have been our good lord working his magic. We quickly exchanged phone numbers and within 2 weeks of talking to each other I made the 16 hour drive to Colorado to meet him on the weekend before Halloween. We had a wonderful weekend together and in typical cowboy fashion after a day at a "punkin chunkin" and tractor pull we made our way to a bar where his grandmother worked as the bartender. (Coolest lady I've known) Her and I instantly hit it off while he played pool. A little slow dancing and we went back to where we were staying for the weekend. The next morning we woke up early and polished our weekend off with a day spent on the mountain looking for 2 pairs they had missed the weekend before. I left the next morning and expected it to not go much of anywhere. The distance was just too great. He moved in with me on November 1, 2013. We had a very fast courtship and had a lot of fun together being a young new couple. On February 7th 2014 we said our vows in front of a few close friends and family in a court house in texas and exactly 2 weeks later found out we were expecting our first child. In september 2014 we welcomed our son and in september 2016 we will celebrate the birth of our second child, a daughter, and shortly after in Feb 2017 we will celebrate 3 years of marriage. He may drive me crazy some days, but I'll forever be thankful when I hear that funny jingle on the TV. And when my friends poke fun of it ill just smile knowing i have what theyre looking for. Because without it, I would have never met my soulmate.