He proposed to me in April 2015 and we wed on June 4, 2016.

Joshua and I met online in late winter pre spring of 2013 we sent emails and then eventually started texting and calling each other in June of 2013 we decided we needed to meet one another. Him being from Michigan and I am from Wisconsin we agreed to both start driving and meet someplace in Illinois. Talk about the longest driver ever and he called told me where he was and I said I had just seen a sign I am 20 miles away.

We spent that weekend together and things were pretty much like we had known each other for a long time. Sunday came around and we both got into our trucks and headed our own ways. I'll never forget him texting me shortly on our way home and I knew it wouldn't be long before I seen him again.

Three weeks later he made a trip out to Wisconsin and spent a few days here we then used the Ferry between Michigan and WI our main travel source picking one another up on the other side. He decided he was ready to move out here without me really knowing he had planned this in August of 2013. We lived separate for a couple of months until he became a fixture in my home and hunting stand that fall and decided to move in. He proposed to me in April 2015 and we wed on June 4th 2016.

Amanda Z. - Montello, WI

City girl goes country and is now engaged, thanks to FarmersOnly!

We received this email today from a FarmersOnly user who is now engaged:

I was born and raised a city girl but always had a love for all things country. After I split up with my ex-husband I decided to take the leap and see if I could find my country guy. I wasn't in a position to meet that guy through friends or work or hobbies so I got on FO and began a relationship with a then single dairy farmer who was raised on a dairy farm, worked a 9-5 job and quit it to go back to farming because it was his passion. Most of our first dates consisted of me helping him milk cows and I absolutely fell in love with the country life and my farmer. A little over a year later my kids and I moved in with him, we are happily engaged and beginning out adventure in dairy goats and could not be happier all thanks to FarmersOnly for giving us the opportunity to find each other.

-- Quinn from WI.

Met the most wonderful, loving woman of my life on your site

I was a short time member of Farmers Only last year and met the most wonderful, loving woman of my life on your site. Ironically, she and I had both just cancelled out memberships when we connected mentally. We are both blissfully happy and eternally grateful for your service. Personally, I am amazed at the connection we made. We are now a lifelong item. Farmer's Only WORKS!
Richard from Wisconsin
Submitted to FarmersOnly on October 18, 2015, 3:23 AM