100 miles away

My soon-to-husband and I met on FarmersOnly. I was currently living 100 miles away from him but we found it worth the drive multiple times a week. We were both married and I had three children from my previous marriage that he accepts as his own and they even call him dad. He's the best step father I could ask for for my children. We now live together on our farm with all of our animals, and are getting married in November of 2016. This site was worth every bit of time I put into it as I indeed found my soulmate.


Found Him

My fiancé and I met on FarmersOnly. I never thought we would click the way we did, but wanted to say thank you for providing this service/outlet for us to meet. We couldn't be happier together, and we are now planning our wedding. He's a super sweet Christian man. I never thought I would meet someone who cares as much about a relationship with God, and has the down home country feel. But thanks to your website, I did. I found the man who accepts my daughter and I as his own family. That's something that you can't find anymore these days. Thank you.
As a side note - I found that a lot of the candidates on FarmersOnly were much more down to earth and honest than other sites. I had very few issues with others being pushy or disrespectful.

Reading, PA,

The Only Farmer For Me!

After being a member for three short months I met my husband through FarmersOnly.com in July of 2014. On our first date he took me to a hay field where we sat in the back of the truck and watched fireworks in five surrounding towns. We were married in June 2015 on my parent's farm in Indiana. I couldn't be more thankful to this site for helping me find my love and start on our life together. We now farm in rural Illinois where we milk cows and raise pigs and turkeys. Our lives together are filled with love and cows! If it weren't for FarmersOnly.com we never would have found each other, and I'm grateful everyday that we are together.

Ringwood, Illinois

Would recommend

My husband and I found each other through the FarmersOnly.com dating site. I have recommended FarmersOnly.com to my single friends. I'm not embarrassed to admit that I met my husband on the dating website even though their commercials are a little corny. I prayed for a man like my husband and FarmersOnly.com was the avenue that brought us together. Thank you farmersonly.com for being a trusted dating website.

-Jennifer Garrett
South Carolina

I found my husband on farmersonly.com

I initially went on FarmersOnly just to see what it was about. I was fortunate enough to find my now husband. He was the 3rd person I had talked to, and ONLY one I met. We started talking in April 2013, met in May 2013, and I moved to be closer to him in October 2013. We just got married on October 25, 2015 and I couldn't be happier. This site was nice because you could browse and send a message without paying. But, if someone sent you a message you had to pay to see it. I am so glad I did.

Ursa, IL

Great site

I registered on the site 2 years ago on a whim. I never really expected to meet anyone. I met a wonderful man after just a few months on the site. We got married this past summer and I couldn't be happier. It's wonderful to have met a man who loves being outside as much as I do. It's also refreshing that he has a moral compass that isn't broken.

Lakeville IN

Met my match.

Thought I'd try one more time on a dating site to see if FarmersOnly.com was different from the other sites. It is. It's simple to use and easy to manage. Any questions I had were quickly responded to by customer support. I met someone who is not only a skilled farmer, but a down-to-earth, God-loving, caring, gentle man. We have so much in common that I have to pinch myself sometimes. Thank you FarmersOnly.com.

Burnsville, MN

Found my soul mate

Yep. I tried the other sites but then a friend recommended FarmersOnly.com. I met a couple nice guys but then my soul mate found me. He said my profile kept popping up on his page. And of course I saw his too then. We were a thousand miles apart but something drew us together. We've been married for almost six months now but feels as if we've known each other throughout several lifetimes. This man is perfect for me and I wouldn't have found him without FarmersOnly.com. Thank you.

Canehill, AR.

Thank God for Farmersonly

I met the love of my life on this website and our marriage is taking place in Oregon next summer. People saying it's a scam, obviously were just unlucky. I met my future husband, the same day I signed up.

  • -Beccah
  • Livermore, CA.
  • Lucky Me.

    I was very skeptical about this site when I first signed up and honestly I did it as a joke. They were not many people in my area that I actually thought would be worth talking to so I expanded my search a bit. Well at the time I lived in south Georgia and my now fiancé lives in Alabama. He messaged me first and things just took off from there. We lived a good 3 hours apart from each other but we both took turns in visiting one another. Now I live with him and life just couldn't be better. It's a great sight but I don't believe everyone is as lucky as some and I just so happen to be one of the lucky ones. So glad that I am because we are so compatible in ever way possible. Can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this man.

    The first day of the rest of my life...

    I met a wonderful man on FarmersOnly.com after being urged by a suggestion from a group of women on a scrapbooking weekend. I saw someone after searching for some time...and reached out. He returned the spark. We emailed and talked over the phone and eventually met in person. Both of us felt as if we could relate in many ways and we have since become close and we have a relationship developing. I have enjoyed the exclusivity of the website. There is no way I can blame the site for others' problems here. I was blessed to find a man who shares my dreams and passions. No one is perfect and I don't expect that anyone could expect that in another person. I do believe that we find our soul mate if we ask or should I say "SoilMate"?


    Met My Husband!

    FarmersOnly is a great site! I was weary about Internet dating at first, but after some encouragement from a close friend, I decided to give it a try. Within minutes of setting up my account, I was connected with several matches. The night I set up my account is the night I was connected with my now husband. He clicked on my profile, so I went and viewed his. Then we exchanged our first messages. I loved that FarmersOnly was simple. It was easy to set up, easy to use and I was instantly connected to country/farm guys. My husband and I messaged back and forth for several weeks on the site. I just accessed the site on my phone, he used the text feature the site offers. After a couple weeks, we decided to exchange numbers and talk offline.
    At this point I decided to cancel my membership. It was simple. I was never charged any extra fees. No extra charges were made. My husband canceled his account too. He never experienced any difficulties either. It was great! We are both extremely pleased with our FarmersOnly experience.
    We owe FarmersOnly for bringing us together. We've been happily married for a month now and have encouraged friends and family members to give it a shot as well.

    My daughter just married man of her dreams

    My baby girl has had such a rough time finding Mr right. When she told me she signed up I said how funny, I just watched the commercial. Within a week she met her now Christian rancher husband. He had only joined this few months earlier as well. They were made for each other an her mom and I are so elated FarmersOnly brought the two lost souls together for eternity. I am a very proud Daddy. They even said they would love to be in a TV commercial for FarmersOnly, so that says a lot.


    Great experience

    I met the love of my life here. It was like looking through a catalog and picking the perfect lady! Yes, you have to sort through a few people but if you're persistent, you'll find the one.


    "I am thrilled to let you know that I have met my life mate on farmers only. We met April 24th,2014. She is from New Brunswick and I am from Ontario which is over 1000 km apart. Regardless of the distance we quickly formed a loving relationship and were married on September 27th,2014. Thank-you Farmers Only. We would not have met without your dating site." -Murray and Andrea