Found what I was looking for!

I looked in town and on other dating sites and could not find any guys with the same interests, morals and goals until I came across Farmers Only. I found the love of my life living less than 20 minutes away and am happier than I ever thought possible. The only drawback to the site is that there aren't many users in town. But it worked out!

-Carlsbad, NM

We're getting married

I met my now fiancé on Farmers in February 2015, turns out we worked less than a mile from each other. Long story short we are getting married in April of 2017. I never believed in "soul mates" but I owe it all to Farmers because I have found my soul mate and I never would have without the help from FarmersOnly.

Centreville, VA

I met my farming country boy, and best friend

In March of 2014, I met Brett on Farmers Only. From our first date, I knew he was someone special. We have dated, gotten engaged and in 2 weeks on April 30, he and I will be married. I lived in South Carolina and he lived 3 hours away in North Carolina but through your app and later phone calls, we got to know each other and became friends. Friendship led to more and now I can't imagine my life without him. Thank you for helping me find my farmer and the love of my life.

Connelly Springs, NC

Branding proposal

Last weekend my boyfriend proposed to me when we were branding. I was wrestling the calf down to brand, and everyone told me to look at the tag on the calf. I haven't checked any other tags, so was unsure why I had to check this one. Well, when I did the tag said, “Will you marry me?”, and as I looked up there he was holding the ring on his knee! By far he surprised me.

Thank you for uniting this country girl with her cowboy!


Success story

This is a fairytale success story due to the site of As her mother, I would like to share this lovely encounter my daughter experienced to change her life forever. She is 33 years old, single and never been married. Back in October 2014, after a recent breakup after a long relationship, she was very unhappy in the way her life was heading. I happened to be watching television one night and saw your advertising for, and it struck me right then that she must register with your site, because she's a country girl, who was raised on a farm, and loves the country life, and all the activities associated with this lifestyle. I quickly informed her she needed to register, and she was skeptical at first, but then signed up that day. No sooner that she did, she got a response from a young fellow from the Sarnia area. These two people are so compatible together, in every aspect.

They would have never met if it wasn't for Now they are engaged and getting married on August 21, 2016. As a mother, I'm so happy for them, and I have to thank you for, since this would have never been possible. A dream come true!

Essex, Ontario, Canada

Having been a skeptic, and getting great results

I have referred a couple people to, including my mother. I only signed up as a dare, not really expecting anything. After an abusive marriage and bad relationships that didn't last, and as a single mom of teenagers, I really doubted there was anyone real out there. If you are real (don't be someone you're not), and true of who you are, it works. I met the love of my life after being on the site for two weeks. He was the first person I had messaged first, and I actually only messaged to thank him for being a police officer, and it went from there. We began messaging, and after 24 hours decided to exchange phone numbers. We talked and Face timed for hours, everyday, and still do (because weren't living in the same state, until this summer). My kids, who's opinion means the most, love him, and he loves them. He proposed on December 31, 2015, and our wedding is September, 2016. We couldn't be happier or more in love, and never would have met if not on I would recommend, and wish for other's to find success in love, as I have. It's a great feeling.


Happily in love

Three years ago I met a guy on It didn't take long after meeting him to realize he was perfect for me. We had an instant connection like we've known each other for years. A year after meeting we moved in with each other. A little over a year after that we had our son, and now this summer we are getting married. really does work.

Granada, MN


I am pleased to cancel my account as I have found an amazing man on
Thank you for running a safe and secure site.
I found that the men who posted, and I had contact with on this site, were sincere and were not posting false information as I found on other sites.
Keep up the good work so that others can find the happiness I have found.

Hillsdale, MI

Success Story

Hi, we just wanted to follow-up with you. We got engaged on December 27! This was also Abbey's birthday. We are planning a wedding for August 6, 2016. I never would have met this amazing woman if it wasn't for FarmersOnly site. Thank you so much for all you do. I know you have many success stories but just wanted to say, thank you.

Brookville, IN


I was a member of FarmersOnly for several months, during which time I met a number of farmers in person until I found the right one. The men who are members are definitely country people interested in marriage. I should mention that I am an older women, perhaps that made a difference in my experience. I left FarmersOnly two years ago to marry one of its members. We have a 72 acres farm on which we raise dairy and meat goats. Life is good.



This site is a good site if you'll be honest up front with who ever it is and they'll be honest with you and the both of you have some of the same wants, then it will be good. I joined on a Friday night and started searching and that Sunday evening started talking to a girl and we talked all night long and then talked every day for the first week. We met for the first time on Christmas day and have been seeing each other and talking since. We both fell in love with each other before we even met, just by being honest with each other. She was everything I was looking for and I was everything she was looking for. True love is there, just be yourself.

Wiggins, MS

Great site!

I met my husband on FarmersOnly. I am so thankful for a site that brings people of the same lifestyle together. I had been on other sites and it is hard to make connections when you do not have any common interests. Thank you FarmersOnly for helping me to find the man of my dreams!

Titusville, FL

Found Him

My fiancé and I met on FarmersOnly. I never thought we would click the way we did, but wanted to say thank you for providing this service/outlet for us to meet. We couldn't be happier together, and we are now planning our wedding. He's a super sweet Christian man. I never thought I would meet someone who cares as much about a relationship with God, and has the down home country feel. But thanks to your website, I did. I found the man who accepts my daughter and I as his own family. That's something that you can't find anymore these days. Thank you.
As a side note - I found that a lot of the candidates on FarmersOnly were much more down to earth and honest than other sites. I had very few issues with others being pushy or disrespectful.

Reading, PA,