I cancelled because I found someone on Farmersonly.com last December – we are still together!
One thing for me is that the only reason (we) the guy I met thru the site was because both of us were on the site at the same time. We hadn’t connected prior to then, even tho the two of us were on the site since August (him) and October (me), because we both had to be on the site looking at the same time. The reason for that was because I’m 250 miles from his residence and he was looking for someone within a 200 mile radius. The whole connection was timing. So . . . that said, people might be missing each other due to distance, so people should maybe put in a longer distance than they are willing to travel, but be open to it regardless. Distance can be an issue, but it can also be worked out. For us, 50 miles farther to meet wasn’t so bad. So bottom line really is actually with members not willing to “go the distance” to maybe meet someone who would be right for them. Neither of us really understands how the connection with us came about, but that’s what we figured out. -Sandra