I had a friend of mine tell me in a joking way you should try FarmersOnly and see if you could find you someone on there cause she had seen the commercial on tv. I had already been on Christian mingle and had no luck cause they wanted other things then a real relationship. Well about a week went by and I decided I would try FarmersOnly for month. Well when I did I talked to a couple of guys on there and then one day I emailed this one guy it was like the middle of October and he emailed me back well we got to talking back and forth. We then started dating and now we are engaged. Come to find out he is a Christian I am Christian we both have children. We are looking for the same things in life. He had just joined farmers only about two hours before I emailed him.. We both know on out hearts that God had put us together for a reason. My son really loves him. He is wonderful with my son. We are getting married on October 10th 2014. I wanted to write FarmersOnly to let y'all know that I am thankful for y'alls website. I also wanted to let you know that everyone I tell my story to gets such a kick out of it. I have referred many of single friends to your website too. God is going to be first in our marriage. I also wanted y'all to know that your theme song is gonna be played some time at our wedding we just don't know where at yet. All of our friends and family sing it all the time when we get together. Thanks! -Danielle